Saiki Onyujima-island course


Feel the past and present of a small island surrounded by nature

  • Distance


  • Time required

    3-4 hours

  • Level

    Intermediate to advanced

  • Contact

    Saiki Tourism Division Tel: 0972-22-3942
    Saiki Tourist Information Centre Tel: 0972-23-3400

「This course starts by departing for Onyu Island via the Marine Bus Ferry, after which you can find the course starting point at the Kangaroo Hiroba. The course features the mountainous path that children used to take in the past to get to and from school. Also, this course features 360 degree panoramas of the sea.

Course Details

Shokusaikan → Funakakushi (1.5km) → Kamo Shrine (2km) → Sky Observatory (2km) → Shirahama Coast (1km) → Kangaroo Hiroba (0.5km) → ※A/B route divergence (1km)→ A Route: Tomiyama Observatory (1km) → Ishima-ko (1.5km) ※A/B route divergence B → Route: Ishima-ko (2.5km)

  • 1.Shokusaikan
    In the Shokusaikan you can eat at the restaurant or purchace lunchboxes. You can also buy souvenirs and Olle goods.

  • 2.Funakukushi
    A small bay that runs along the coast. You can listen to the pleasant sounds of the waves with no wind, and the surrounding mountains reflected by the waters.

  • 3.Kamo Shrine
    A shrine that can be found on the mountain path. In the lake next to the torii gates you can watch as carp swim peacefully. Within the grounds of the shrine is a beautiful gingko tree that turns a bright yellow in the autumn.

  • 4.Sky Observatory
    Climbing the path that the school children used to take, you can find an observatory from which you can see the island of Shikoku if the weather is clear.

  • 5.Shirahma Coast
    Following the pathway from the village you will come into contact with the Shirahama Coast. If you go through the Shirahama Tunnel you will find yourself back at the starting point.

  • 6.Tomiyama Observatory
    An observatory that offers a 360 degree panoramic view. You can see Saiki Town and Saiki Bay from this observatory, and you can see the blooming

  • 7.Ishima-ko port
    The finish point of the course. Here you can take the ferry back to the mainland.

  • 8.※B (Seaside) Route
    On this route take the coastline path. This route is perfect for small children and elderly trekkers.

Transportation to Starting Locations

・Fukuoka Airport (Subway) → JR Hakata Station → JR Kokura Station → JR Saiki Station appx 3 hours
・Oita Airport (limousine bus) → JR Saiki Station appx 2 hours
・(By car) Dazaifu IC → Saiki IC appx 2 hours 30 mins

・Taxi Companies:
Saki City Taxies Tel: 0972-22-3434
Daiichi Kotsu Saiki Branch Tel: 0972-22-2525
Saiki Taxies Tel: 0972-22-3131 

Food and Drink

Onyu Island Shokusaikan

Address:1-59-11, Kuboura, Saiki city

Restaurant Ferry

Address:In the Sukumo Ferry terminal


Marine House

Address:1059-1, Kuboura, Saiki city

Hotel Route inn

Address:2-6-40, Eki-mae, Saiki city

Hotel Kinsui-en

Address:2-4-13, Eki-mae, Saiki city