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  • Takeo Course

    SagaHot Springs

    The Takeo course was the first Kyushu Olle course to be established in Japan. Takeo is a historic hot spring village quietly nestled in the mountains that surround it on all sides. With its mysterious 3,・・・

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  • Amakusa Iwajima Course

    KumamotoHistory and Ruins

    Iwajima, the home of Shiro Amakusa who held with ambition and died in west sea. You forget time for a while by fantastic view of Aso and Unzen, each islands of Amakusa which you see from top of small hil・・・

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  • Okubungo Course

    OitaHistory and Ruins

    Castle wall standing at 325mt. high plateau. Oka Castle is known as impregnable castle all through Sengoku era/Edo Period. In twilight, or cherry trees veiled in haze during spring, stonewall only reflec・・・

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  • Ibusuki Kaimon Course

    KagoshimaHot Springs

    Ibusuki is the place where spring comes early in Kyushu Island. Nishi Oyama Station where the course start, is the southernmost JR station in Japan. A white lighthouse that stands at Nagasakibana where, ・・・

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  • Amakusa Matsushima Course


    As you say good bye, you can’t cease to wonder islands of Amakusa, and remember again and again. Since main islands are now connected with five bridges, they are no longer isolated. However, small islands・・・

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  • Kirishima Myoken Course

    KagoshimaHot Springs

    This trail is known as the path where the famous Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867), who laid down the foundation for Japan’s modernization, walked with his bride, Oryo for honeymoon. For the first time an Englis・・・

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  • Karatsu Course

    SagaHistory and RuinsNature

    Dangjin City has deepened exchanges with Seogwipo City in Jeju-do Province, South Korea, the birthplace of Olle, as a sister city. In the Dangjin course, you can enjoy the "history and culture" ・・・

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