Izumi Course


Wade through the country, and feel the murmuring of the clear streams

  • Distance


  • Time required

    4 to 5 hours

  • Level

    Intermediate to Advanced

  • Contact

    Izumi City Industrial Promotion City Sales Department TEL:0996-63-2111
    Izumi City Tourism Association TEL:0996-79-3030

This Olle course runs from the city centre of izumi to the old samurai residences. At the heart of this course is the Komenotsu Basin, and everywhere along the path you can hear the quiet murmuring of the small streams. The start of the course starts among abundant crops, passing the Itsukushima Shrine where a god of treasure is enshrined, next traversing the farmlands along the Komenotsu Basin, and finally to the Takagawa Dam Lake. In addition to the natural rock formations found in the basin, you can also watch lots of wild birds.

Course Details

Itskushima Shrine → Komenotsu Basin Farmlands (3.5km) → Takagawa Dam Lake (6km) → Mountain Promenade (8.4km) → Komenotsu Basin (9.2km) → Izumi Former Samurai Residences (13.8km)

  • 1.Itsukushima Shrine
    The Itsukushima Shrine in Izumi represents a division of the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima and the Munakata Shrine in Fukuoka. The spririt that resides is said to bless the surrounding areas with beautifully clear waters, which are essential for harvests.

  • 2.Kamenotsu River Basin and Paddy Fields
    One can enjoy the view of the expansive paddy fields set to the backdrop of the surrounding mountains.

  • 3.Tagawa Dam Lake
    The lake is beautifully lit up by colourful flowers in spring. Also, this area is a popular spot for watching kingfishers.

  • 4.Gomangokumizo
    Orginally built for the paddy fields, the gomangokumizo was built over the course of 20 years from 1734 as a canal to carry water. The canal was built with stones, each one weighing around 180kg.

  • 5.Izumi Samurai Residences
    The samurai residences are traditonal Japanese houses that remain as they were some 400 years ago when they were originally built. It is a great place to learn about history and relax on the pathways that feature old stone walls and many trees. In addition to this, people may also enter some of the houses, experience riding on a cow cart and even try on kimono.
    The Izumi Samurai Museum opened in May 2017.

Transportation to Starting Locations

JR Hakata Station/JR Kagoshima Chuo Station → (Kyushu Shinkansen) → JR Izumi Station → (Izumi Community Bus) → Kamiokawauchi Bus Stop
Kagoshima Airport → (Kagoshima Airport Connecting Bus) → Izumi Bus Centre → (Izumi Community Bus) → Kamiokawauchi Bus Stop

Taxi: Ito Taxis TEL:0996-62-1321
Izumi Taxis TEL:0996-62-1411
Asahi Transport Izumi Office TEL:0996-62-1411

Food and Drink

Grand Chateau Tsurumaru

Izumi Oyako Steak Dinner available from 1,240 JPY

Ajidoko Uomatsu

Izumi Oyako Steak Dinner available from 1,240 JPY


Izumi Tori-tama Rice Bowl available from 800 JPY


Buckwheet Noodle


Hotel Wing International Izumi

1 night from 6,000 JPY

Hotel King

1 night from 4,930 JPY

Hotel Sengokutei

1 night from 18,000 JPY
Taxi service from course finish point available.

Royal Inn Station Plaza

1 night (with breakfast) from 5,000 JPY

Hotel Toukou

1 night from 6,000 JPY
Hotel features hot springs

Business Hotel Tsuru

1 night from 3,900 JPY
Five minutes walk from JR Izumi Station

Nearby Attractions

Izumi Tori-tama Rice Bowl

This rice bowl is using eggs from chickens that are said to be the 2nd best in Japan for quality. Using a special sauce, chicken meat is placed on top of a bowl of rice after which a half-boiled egg is also added. The price of this meal is around 800 JPY.

Izumi Oyako Steak Dinner

Chicken meat is cooked and eaten along with raw egg on rice. This is a simple and most tasty dish. You can try it for around 1,240 JPY.

Sansui Rice

Rice grown in the paddies of Izumi makes for a really tasty rice grain. The rice ratains its flavour all year round.