Kirishima Myoken Course


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    4~5 Hours

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    Kirishima City Tourism Department TEL 0995-45-5111
    Kirishima City Tourist Association TEL 0995-78-2115

This trail is known as the path where the famous Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867), who laid down the foundation for Japan’s modernization, walked with his bride, Oryo for honeymoon. For the first time an English word ”honeymoon” was used for their trip by Ryoma himself and it is known for first honeymoon in Japan. Mt. Kirishima, noted as one of 100 famous mountains in Japan, was the first place in Japan to be designated as a national park with Unzen and its landscape is truly magnificent. The starting point, Myoken, is a well-known Hot Spring area in a deep valley. Hot Springs spread on both sides of valley as you look down from suspension bridge over Amorigawa River. The steam rising from Hot Springs blends with river sound and disappears, and the real trekking begins just after crossing the bridge. Deep forest continues to the end of the course. The path is perfect for trekking. In early spring, the forest is filled with wisteria flowers, and in autumn the path is covered with fallen leaves and chestnuts, but cedar trees towering skyward are most impressive. As you walk through, you will come to Inukaino Taki Waterfall and Wake Shrine which purifies you mind completely. At the arrival point, you can soak your tired feet in the free foot bath. There is also a memorial hall where you can review the personal history of Sakamoto Ryoma.


Myoken Onsen Town → Wakeyu (1.0km) → Inukai Waterfall (2.0km) → (5.0km) → Inukai Waterfall (7.0km) → Inukai Waterfall (山道) → Shiohitashi Onsen Ryoma Park (11km)

  • 1.Myoken Onsen Town
    In the Myoken onsen town are traditional onsen hot springs used as a getaway and treatment for illness over the course of hundreds of years. Over the Amorigawa River is a suspension bridge which you can cross to begin your trekking.

  • 2.Wakeyu
    The Wake onsen hot springs are said to have appeared during the late stages of the Nara Period between the years 710 and 794. The bath here that Sakamoto Ryoma entered is still the same today as it was when he visited.

  • 3.Inukai Waterfall
    A waterfall with a height of 36 meters and a width of 22 meters, the Inukai Waterfall has beautiful silky water that changes with the temperature and season. In the afternoons in autumn you can see a rainbow form in the waterfall. The course passes by a nearby viewing point, and from here you can even see as far as Takachiho Peak.

  • 4.Wake Shrine
    This shrine was built to honour the Nara Period official Wake no Kiyomaro. At this shrine, if you put you heart into it, you can pray for success in study, architecture and health and it is said it will come true. At the nearby Wake Park you can see wisteria blooming every year between April and May, and also there is a wisteria festival.

  • 5.Shiohitashi Onsen Ryoma Park
    The era of the shogunate in Japan ended with the emperor being restored to power and the country being reborn as a modern nation. At this park you can see the shape of Sakamoto Ryoma, a pivotal character in this era. Sakamoto Ryoma travelled this area as a newlywed with his wife and died at the age of 33. Many documents pertaining to Sakamoto Ryoma can be found here and there is also a free foot bath.

Transportation to Starting Locations

○Kagoshima Airport → <Kagoshima Transportation Bus> → Myoken Onsen
○Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port → JR Hakata Station → <Shinkansen> → JR Kagoshima-chuo Station → <Nippo Main Line Hayato no Kaze> → JR Kareigawa Station, JR Hayato Station → <Kagoshima Transportation Bus> → Myoken Onsen Bus Stop

Nakamura Taxis:TEL:0955-43-3333
Arimura Taxis:TEL:0955-42-1101
Kirishima Park Taxis:TEL:0955-78-2454
Myoken Taxis:TEL:0955-77-2212
Taxis International:TEL:0955-78-2521
Sueshige Taxisl:TEL:0955-58-2434

Food and Drink

Wake Tea House

Address:Kirishima City, Makizono-cho, Shukukubota 3986 (Inside Wake Park)
A small restaurant found next to the Wake Shrine in the middle of the Kirishima Olle course. There is udon and soba noodles and enough to make you full to help you have the energy to finish you trek

(Tues/Wed: Days off)

Tajima Honkan Food Place

Address:Kirishima City, Makizono-cho, Shukukubota 4236

Address:Kirishima City, Makizono-cho, Shukukubota 4236
Here you can taste the local dishes of Kagoshima (Kirishima). There are not a huge amount of places to eat on the Kirishima Olle course so why not stop in for a bite?

Set meal: 600 yen


Address:Kirishima City, Hayato-cho, Kareigawa 2871
Set meal: 1000 yen


Myoken Ishihara-so

Address:Kirishima City, Hayato-cho, Kareigawa 4376
A very popular ryokan inn in the Myoken Onsen town. Rooms are often difficult to come by so make sure you book early lest the rooms become difficult to reserve. The outside bath which allows you to enter the nature of Kirishima is magnificent.

Myoken Tanaka Kaikan

A ryokan inn in the Myoken Onsen town that offers reasonable prices. This onsen was often said to be a great healer of maladies, and despite the low prices, this inn offers excellent service and locally produced foods.

1Night 2 Meals: 10,500 yen~


Hotel Kyocera

Address:Kirishima City, Hayato-cho, Miji 1409-1
1Night 2 Meals: 12,075 yen~

Wasurenosato Gajoen

Address:Kirishima City, Makizono-cho, Shukukubota 4230

1Night 2 Meals: 25,560 yen~

Tajima Honkan

Address:Kirishima City, Makizono-cho, Shukukubota 4236
1Night 2 Meals: 6,745 yen~
Lodging from 2,895 yen~ (excluding meals)

Kirishima Kanko Hotel

Address:Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3885
1Night 2 Meals: 10,500 yen~


Kirishima International Hotel

Address:Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3930-12
1Night 2 Meals: 10,500 yen~


Ryoko Jinsan-so

Address:Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3865
1Night 2 Meals: 9,800 yen~

Kirishima Hotel

Address:Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3948
1Night 2 Meals: 13,650 yen~

Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel

Address:Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3958
1Night 2 Meals: 11,800 yen~

Hotel Kirishima Castle

Kirishima City Makizono-cho, Takachiho 3878-49
1Night 2 Meals: 8,400 yen~

Kirishima Royal Hotel

Kirishima City, Tajima-guchi 2703-5
1Night 2 Meals: 10,500 yen~

Nearby Attractions

Kirishima Jingu Shrine

Built in the year 540, this shrine was destroyed by a large eruption and eventually rebuilt in 1715. This shrine is a famous shrine in Kirishima and is a stage for many Japanese folk tales.

Kirishima City, Tajima-guchi 2608-5
TEL 0995-57-0001
Take bus from Myoken Onsen (25min). Take bus from Kirishima Jingu Station (10min).


Kirishima Jingu Shrine, Sato Park

Here you can see the lanscapes of Kirishima and as far as Sakurajima in Kagoshima. There are play facilities so that children may play together.

Kirishima City, Tajima-guchi 2583-22
TEL 0995-57-1711
Take bus from Myoken Onsen (25min). Take bus from Kirishima Jingu Station (15min).