Kurume Korasan Course

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Feel the history of the Chikugo Ichinomiya Kora Shrine while looking out over the Chikugo plains.

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    Kurume City Sightseeing/International Division TEL 0942-30-9137

Soon from the start point is the Kora Taisha Shrine. Walking under the large stone tori gates, it is said that the god of this shrine purified his hands. From here you can visit the rare bamboo woods which are designated as a national natural monument.

If you go further into the Kora Taisha Shrine you will find the Okunoin or inner sanctuary that has 61,000 azeleas accros 100 differet species. In April the flowers will be in full bloom.

Course Details

JR Kurume University Station → Sasaki Couple/Camelia of Love (1.5km) → Moso Kinmeitake Woods (2.1km) → Okumiya (Okunoin - inner sanctuary) (3.3km) → Kurume Forest Azelea Park (5.2km) → Kora Shrine (6.4km) → Myoken Shrine (7.0km) → JR Mii Station (8.6km)

  • 1.Sasaki Couple/Camelia of Love
    The "married couple sakaki" looks like a married couple holding hands, with two trees connected by branches. The "Sazanka of Love" is a tree with a trunk that splits in two and connects into one in the middle. This is a popular "power spot for love.

  • 2.Moso Kinmeitake Woods
    A rare bamboo forest where the bamboo shoots appear as green and pale yellow. Despite this kind of forest being found all over Japan, this one is particularly rare.

  • 3.Okumiya (Okunoin - inner sanctuary)
    The Okumiya, part of the Kora Shrine, is said to contain miraculous water.

  • 4.Kurume Forest Azelea Park
    A park of rest where 6,100 azeleas of 100 different species are planted. The view of the Chikugo Plains are also spectacular

  • 5.Kora Shrine
    Kora Taisha Shrine is a prestigious, and the largest shrine in the region as the first shrine in Chikugo. It is an Engishiki-nai Myojin Taisha (a shrine dedicated to specific gods under the Engishiki Code), and one of the former second-ranked, larger shrines. Worshipers are famously thought to be blessed with warding off bad luck and prolonging life.

  • 6.Myoken Shrtine
    A shrine where people go to pray for academic success and job hunting.

  • 7.Prince Pond
    A fireworks festival is helf here on the 15th of September every year as well as there being many cherry blossoms to enjoy spread out around the area.

Transportation to Starting Locations

Fukuoka Airport → <5 minutes from subway> → <18 minutes on Kyushu Shinkansen train> → JR Kurume Station → <10 minutes on regular service train Kyudai Main Line> → JR Kurume University Station (Start) → <2 minutes on regular service train Kyudai Main Line> → JR Mii Station (Finish)

■JR Kyushu (Kyudai Main Line)
Kurume Station ⇔ Kurume University Station ⇔ Mii Station: 1~2 services every hour
Inquiry on timetable: JR Kyushu Information Centre TEL050-3786-1717

Food and Drink

Kurume Forest Azelea Park Shop

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Mii-machi 299-354
[Business Hours] 10:00~16:00
[Days Off] Every Monday

Kora Tea House Bokyotei

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Mii-machi 1
[Business Hours] 10:00~17:00
[Days Off] None

Kurume Ramen

Pork broth ramen made with fresh produce

Kurume Yakitori

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Horse. There are many different varieties to choose from.

Steamed Eel

Softly steamed eel that breaks away in your mouth.

Kurume Sake

Some tasty sake rice wine produced in Kurume


Green Rich Hotel Kurume

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Hiyoshi-machi 18

Hotel Select Inn Kurume

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Mutsumon-cho 17-30

Kurume Washington Hotel Plaza

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Higashi-cho 34-2

Suikoyen Hotel

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Kushihara-machi 87

Business Hotel Seagul

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Hanabatake 1 cho-me 1-4

Hotel New Plaza Kurume

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City, Mutsumon-cho 16-1

Kurume Station Hotel

Address:Kurume City, Chuo-machi 2-14

Ennan Hotel

Address:Kurume City, Higashi-cho 29-10

Highness Hotel Kurume

Address:Kurume City, Tenjin-machi 1-6

Toyoko Inn Nishitetsu Kurume Station East Exit

Address:Kurume City, Tenjin-machi 3-93-4

Hotel Mari Thale Sosei Kurume

Address:Kurume City, Higashikushihara-cho 900

Kurume Hotel Esprit

Address:Kurume City, Higashi-cho 339