Amakusa Iwajima Course

KumamotoHistory and Ruins

Walk around birthplace of Shiro Amakusa

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    4~5 Hours

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    Amakusa Shiro Tourism Association/TEL:0964-56-5602

Iwajima, the home of Shiro Amakusa who held with ambition and died in west sea.
You forget time for a while by fantastic view of Aso and Unzen, each islands of Amakusa which you see from top of small hill.
While walking along the coastline created by nature, the comfortable wave sound beats rhythm.

Course Details

Senzaki Bus Stop → Sennzaki Burial Mounds (0.1km) → Zozo Fish Port (2.5km) → Iwazakura/Flower Park (5.5km) → Takayama (6.4km) → Mountain Path (7.8km) → Sotoura Nature Coast (9.1km) → Mountain Path (9.7km) → Shimoyama Area → Senzaki Bus Stop (12.2km) → Senzoku-Tenmagu (12.3km)

  • 1.Sennzaki Burial Mounds
    The Senzaki Burial Mounds consists of five groups of burial mounds, of which you are able to view over 20. These burial mounds were mostly constructed in the Kofun Period in the 3rd century until the 7th century. It is thought these mounds are the tombs of important families.

  • 2.Zozo Fish Port
    Iwajima is sometimes known by another name; the island of Senzoku Zozo. It is said that Shiro Amakusa’s mother gave birth to him in the fishing village in 1622. The well which was dug on the year of his birth is still there today.

  • 3.Fruit garden
    If you find yourself near the fruit garden on the course between February and March you will discover the citrussy fruit, the buntan. The buntan is a special product of Iwajima and sweets made from its centre are popular.

  • 4.Iwazakura/Flower Park
    With cherry blossoms and narcissus among other flowers and plants, this park blooms through all of the four seasons. From the observatory you have great views of Amakusa and Matsushima.

  • 5.Takayama
    Takayama is Iwajima’s most tall mountain, standing at 166.9 meters. On clear days you are able to see Aso and Unzen from the top.

  • 6.Hokabura Nature Coast
    The Hokabura Nature Coast was formed 8,500 years ago and features beautiful and dynamic nature which steals the heart.

  • 7.Senzoku-Tenmagu
    A shrine found on the west of Iwajima in Senzoku. The shrine is loved by the locals and the drum ceremonies praying for rain are famous.

Transportation to Starting Locations

Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port → JR Hakata Station → <Shinkansen> → JR Kumamoto Station → <Rapid Bus: Amakusa> → Alight at Sanbaaru Bus Stop → <Route Bus> → Senzaki Bus Stop

Kumamoto Airport → <Airport Limousine Bus> → Kumamoto Transportation Centre → <Rapid Bus: Amakusa> → Alight at Sanbaaru Bus Stop → <Route Bus> → Senzaki Bus Stop

Food and Drink

Kamiamakusabusankan Sanbaaru/Restaurant

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Ooyanomachinaka 11582-24

Kaisendon (Bowl of rice topped with seafood)

Address:All parts of Kamiamakusa city centre

Amakusa Daio

Address:All parts of Kamiamakusa city centre

※There are no restaurants in Iwajima. Please prepare and bring your own lunch and drinks.


Komatsuya Nagisakan

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Ooyanomachinaka 10044-3

Hotel Shosenkaku Romankan

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Matsushima-machi, Aitsu 6215-21

Matsushima Sightseeing Hotel Misakitei

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Matsushima-machi, Aitsu 4710

Minshuku Seiryuso

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Ooyanomachi 7101-1

Ryotei Ainomisaki

Address:Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Ooyanomachinaka, Jiyagijima 5700-1

Nearby Attractions

Spa-Thalasso Amakusa

Spa-Thalasso Amakusa is a spa born from French thalasso therapy. Sea water and seaweed is used for its natural healing properties to promote natural welfare. Gourmet food is also available.

Kumamoto Prefecture, Kamiamakusa-shi, Ooyanomachijo, 732-14
TEL: 0964-56-1126