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KumamotoHistory and Ruins

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The Amakusa/Lingbei course starts from Tomioka Port, where Amakusa pottery stone, the raw material for pottery, is piled up here and there.
From Tomioka Castle, which was a major battleground during the Amakusa-Shimabara Rebellion, you can see a town of houses on a long sandbar, the calm Ariake Sea, and the rough waves of the Amakusa Sea. Tomioka Marine Park, located in Amakusa National Park, has a series of reefs and cliffs in the rugged landscape of the Amakusa Sea, and beautiful colorful corals, fish, and seaweed can be seen in the crystal clear waters.
The Amakusa-Lingbei course allows you to fully enjoy the history of Lingbei, once the center of Amakusa, and the scenery created by the nature of the Amakusa Sea.

Course Details

Tomioka Port → Tomioka Castle (1.0km) → Mt. Gongen Promenade (2.6km) → Mt. Gongen Promenade (4.5km) → Mt. Gongen Promenade (5.3km) → Tomioka Shrine (6.0km) → Kurosesei Kaho (6.4km) → Christian Memorial Monument (6.8km) → Christian Memorial Monument (7.2km) → Shiki Castle Ruins (10.5km) → Shiki Castle Ruins (11.0km)

  • 1.Tomioka Castle
    This castle was very badly damaged during the Shimabara Rebellion. However, the castle was rebuilt in 2005. The ruins of the original castle keep can be found in the visitor centre.

  • 2.Sea Park~Shiraiwasaki~Beach
    The view of the coast from the sea park car park is wonderful. Particularly the sunset is something you don’t want to miss. White pottery stones can also be found littering the area.

  • 3.Tomioka Town
    On the streets of Tomioka you can walk the cobbled paths, and go around the ancient tombs of Tomioka Shrine and the Christian Memorial Monument.

  • 4.Shiki Castle Ruins
    One of the castles involved in the Warring Period in Japan.

Transportation to Starting Locations

01 Fukuoka Airport → <Amakusa Airline> → Amakusa Airport → <Rentacar> → Tomioka Port
02 Kumamoto Transportation Centre → <Sanko Bus Express Amakusa-go> → Hondo Bus Centre → <Sanko Bus bound for Tomioka Harbour> → Tomioka Port
03 Nagasaki City, Mogi Port → <Nagasaki City, Mogi Port> → Tomioka Port

Food and Drink

Amakusa Nada

Address:Reihoku-machi, Tomioka 3564-2


Address:Reihoku-machi, Shik376-2

Ajisen Ramen Reihoku Branch

Address:Reihoku-machi, Sakasegawa 2776-1


Minshuku Tairyoumaru

Address:Reihoku-machi, Tomioka 2700-1

Amakusa Hot Spring Hotel For Seasons Sakikan

Address:Reihoku-machi, Tomioka 2403

Kaishu Inn

Address:Reihoku-machi, Tomioka 2034-5