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    Karatsu Tourist Association Chinzei Branch TEL:0955-51-1052
    Nagoya Castle Ruins Tourist Information Center  TEL:0955-82-5774
    Karatsu City Tourism Division TEL:0955-72-9127

Dangjin City has deepened exchanges with Seogwipo City in Jeju-do Province, South Korea, the birthplace of Olle, as a sister city. In the Dangjin course, you can enjoy the "history and culture" of the Momoyama culture centered on the ruins of Nagoya Castle, the "scenery" of the Genkai Sea seen from Cape Hato, and the "taste" of grilled turban shells and abalone.
This is a coastal olle that offers a view of the sea that is similar to that of Jeju-do, and it is a course that will propose a new way to travel in Dangjin and bring new discoveries and excitement to everyone.


Road Station ”Momoyama Tenkaichi” → Maeda Toshiie Encampment Ruins (0.2km) → Furuta Oribe Encampment Ruins (1.0km) → Hori Hideharu Encampment Ruins (2.1km) → A road with a continuing history of 400 years (2.9km) → Tea Garden ’Kaigetsu’ (3.7km) → Taiko Road (3.9km) → Hizen Nagoya Castle Ruins Keep (4.5km) → Karatsu-yaki Kamamotoen-ko Kiln (5.9km) → Hadomisaki Shonen Shizen no Ie (7.0km) → Hadomisaki Nature Trail (9.5km) → Turban Shell Tsuboyaki Food Stall (11.2km)

  • 1.Hori Hideharu Encampment Ruins
    Around the ruins of Nagoya Castle are the remains of 130 encampment sites. Other things include Hori Shuji’s thatched tea hous and a noh stage as well.

  • 2.Tea Garden ’Kaigetsu’
    In this tea garden you can experience a true Japanese cultural experience. You can be involved in the tea ceremony that people from all over the country would attend at Nagoya Castle
    Entry: 510yen (Macha tea and sweet)

  • 3.Nagoya Castle Ruins
    A castle built for Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1592. As a reminder of Japan’s Momoyama Period, this castle’s ruins are some of the best.

  • 4.[Option: Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum]
    The adjacent Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum introduces history about the Japanese Archipelago and Battleship Island.

  • 5.Hadomisaki
    Famous for its columnar joints and as a date sport. It is said that the nature here matches a work of art. You can also view a beautiful sunset here.

  • 6.Turban Shell Tsuboyaki Food Stall
    Found near the end of the course, many local people have their shops lined up next to each other selling turban shells for you to try.

Transportation to Starting Locations

1 Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port → <Fukuoka City Subway, JR Chikuhi Line> → Karatsu Station → Karatsu Ooteguchi Bus Centre → <Showa Bus> → Nagoya Castle Museum Entrance
2 Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port → <Rapid Bus (Showa Bus)> → Karatsu Ooteguchi Bus Centre → <Showa Bus> → Nagoya Castle Museum Entrance
3 Saga Airport → <Saga Shiei Bus> → Saga Station → <JR Karatsu Line> → Karatsu Ooteguchi Bus Centre → <Showa Bus> → Nagoya Castle Museum Entrance
4 Saga Airport → <Saga Shiei Bus> → Saga Station Bus Centre → <Showa Bus> → Karatsu Ooteguchi Bus Centre → <Showa Bus> → Nagoya Castle Museum Entrance

Chinzei Taxis/TEL:0955-82-2121
Showa Taxis Yobuko Office/TEL:0955-82-3814

Food and Drink

Otemon Food Court

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 1935

Ika no Ikizukuri Yamato

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 1445-4

Turban Shell Tsuboyaki Shop

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Hato
Turban Shell Tsuboyaki、(one plate: 500 yen)

Sennari Hyota

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 3479-2
Stock Champon (Wednesday and Sunday only) . Shio-ramen

Momoyamatei Kaishu

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 1859 (Road Station Momoyama Tenkaichi)


Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya, Tonoyama 1766-4
Seafood Chirashi1000yen


Tabiyado Yobuko

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko, Tononoura 1953-2
1 night, 2 meals from 11,000 yen ~

Kokuminshukusha Hadomisaki

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Hato 1082
1 night, 2 meals from 9,500 yen ~

Ryokan Izumo

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi 1962-1
1 night, 2 meals from 10,800 yen~

Sightseeing Hotel Taibokaku

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 1399
1 night, 2 meals from 12,000 yen ~


Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 1775-2
1 night, 2 meals from 7,000 yen ~

Minshuku Fuji

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Nagoya 936-1
1 night, 2 meals from 8,000 yen ~

Chikazaki Bekkan

Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Kushi 138-4
1 night, 2 meals from 6,800 yen ~


Address:Karatsu City, Chinzei-cho, Kushi 138-6
1 night, 2 meals from 8,000 yen

Ryokan Kanemaru

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko3068
1 night, 2 meals from 11,000 yen ~

Business Inn Fuji-ya

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko 4200-1
1 night, 2 meals from 7,000 yen ~

Minshuku Daikei

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko 1729-1
1 night, 2 meals from 7,000 yen ~

Kappo Inn Chikuzen-ya

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Tononoura 1659
1 night, 2 meals from 10,000 yen ~

Seaside Inn Seiriki

Address:Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Tononoura 1672-2
1 night, 2 meals from 10,000 yen ~

Nearby Attractions

Yobuko Morning Market

One of Japan’s three major morning markets the Yobuko Market is open every day from 7:30 until 12 noon. Dried fish and seasonal seafood and mountain food is sold here by happy vendors.

Yobuko-daiba Port Plaza (Tairyosenka/Daibanoyu)

In the Tairyosenka you can buy Yokubo’s local fresh food and fish. In Yobuko’s Daibanoyu you can slip into a nice bath whil watching the happenings of the harbour.

Address: Saga Prefecture, Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko 1740-11
 TEL 0955-82-3331:Tairyosenka
 TEL 0955-82-2111:Daibanoyu

Whaling Group Owner’s House Nakao Residence

The former Nakao Residence of the Yobuko whaling group in the Edo Period. Here you can learn about the history of Yobuko and whaling.

Address: Saga Prefecture, Karatsu City, Yobuko-machi, Yobuko 3750-3

TEL 0955-82-0309
TIME 9:00~17:00(Entry until 16:30)
Closed every Wednesday

Nanatsugama Pleasure Boat ’Ikamaru’

From the ’Ikamaru’ you are taken on a trip to look at the Nanatsugama Caves. From the belly of the observation boat ’Zilla’ you can see underwater all the fishes and other animals. Time approx: 40 minutes
TEL 0955-82-3001:Marine Pal Yobuko

Tajima Shrine (Princess Sayo Shrine of Legend)

A long, long time ago Princess Sayo Matsuura climbed a mountain to wave of her husband who was going off on an expedition. When the ship finally went out of sight she prayed so feverently for his safe return that she turned to stone. In the shrine grounds there is a rock said to resemble the princess.

Suginohara Pasture

In the north of Kabeshima in Yobuko there is an observatory where you can see cows grazing in the farm