Munakata Oshima Course


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    Munakata City Commercial & Tourism Department/TEL:0940-36-0037
    Oshima Tourist Office/TEL:0940-72-2226

The Munakata-Oshima Course is the first Olle Course in Fukuoka Prefecture. The course begins with a 25-minute boat ride from the Kamiminato Port Ferry Terminal and takes you to Oshima Island.
Oshima is home to Munakata Taisha Shrine's Nakatsugu Shrine and Okitsugu Shrine's Haruka Shrine, both of which have been designated as World Heritage sites for Munakata, Okinoshima and related islands. In addition, on a clear day with clear air, you can see Okinoshima, the "Island of the Gods," which is not generally accessible by landing.
Oshima is also a place full of nature, with mountains, forests, and wilderness making up most of the island, and surrounded by the sea on all sides. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll while enjoying the nature.

Course Details

Oshima Port Ferry Terminal → Nakasu-Miya Shrine (0.3km) → Mount Mitake Summit (1.2km) → Shitake Mountain Trail (1.6km) → Nakatsu Wase Forest Trail (4.6km) → Windmill Observatory/Promenade Connection Point (5.5km) → Battery Remains (6.6km) → Military Road (7.2km) → Okinoshima Yohaisho (8.2km) → Okinoshima Yohaisho (9.4km) → Oshima Elementary School/Middle School (10.4km) → Oshima Elementary School/Middle School (10.6km) → Oshima Elementary School/Middle School (End Point)

  • 1.Munakata-Taisha Nakasu-Miya Shrine
    Many people come to this shrine in order to pray for safety. Tagitsu Hime, daughter of the sun goddess Amaterasu is the one who is enshrined here. It is also regarded as the birthplace of the Tanabata legend, where the two celestial lovers Kengyu and Orihime are only allowed to meet once a year.

  • 2.Mount Mitake Summit
    An observatory found on the top of Mount Mitake at a height of 224 meters. If the weather is clear you can see Fukuoka Tower and the factories of Kitakyushu.

  • 3.Windmill Observatory/Promenade Connection Point
    In 1936 batteries were placed along the northern coast of Kyushu in order to stengthen defences. Even now, Oshima’s batteries still stand having never been involved in the war. In the place wheere these batteries are is an observatory looking out to see and a windmill.

  • 4.Okinoshima Yohaisho
    Off to the north of Oshima is Okinoshima, and island nicknamed the island of the gods. Even to this day women and girls are not allowed to set foot on the island, and so this place of worship was built so they too could pray to the gods on Okinoshima.

  • 5.Kansu Bathing Beach
    A beautiful swimming beach which is often visited in the Summer seasons.

  • 6.Oshima Exchange Center
    The Oshima Exchange Center introduces the traditions of Okinoshima and Oshima under the theme of "Island of God and Island of God's Protection". You can learn about the nature, history, and culture of Okinoshima and Oshima from the perspective of the islanders who have preserved the customs and traditions with panels and videos.

Transportation to Starting Locations

Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port → <Fukuoka City Subway> → JR Hakata Station → <Kagoshima Main Line Kokura Bound> → JR Toga Station → <Nishitetsu Bus Konominato Hatoba Bound> → Konominato Ferry Terminal → <Municipal Ferry Oshima Line> → Oshima Port Ferry Terminal
Kitakyushu Airport → <Kuko Airport Bus> → JR Kokura Station → <Kagoshima Main Line Hakata Bound> → JR Toga Station → <Nishitetsu Bus Konominato Hatoba Bound> → Konominato Ferry Terminal → <Municipal Ferry Oshima Line> → Oshima Port Ferry Terminal

Munakata Nishitetsu Taxis:TEL:0120-495-889
Munakata Green Taxis:TEL:0940-33-3303
Minato Taxis:TEL:0940-33-1331
Shinsei Transport:TEL:0940-36-2138
Minato Taxis Oshima Branch Office:TEL:080-1741-3710

Food and Drink


Address:Munakata City, Oshima 1626
A café selling noodles, curry and other assorted things.
Is great for a short rest.
*Irregular days off

Minshuku Manabe

Address:Munakata City, Oshima 1289
Delivery bento-boxes available.
A minshuku inn run by a happy family.
Bento boxes and food must be reserved beforehand.
*Irregular days off

Food in Oshima

Sold at Konominato Terminal and Oshima Port Terminal.

Tohei (Black Conger) Hot Pot

Tohei Hot Pot is a sweet dish with a miso taste which is perfect for warming up in winter. (Winter only: November~March)

Perch Hot Pot

Fresh perch picked from the Genkai Sea and prepared in a hot pot. (Winter only: November~March)

Devil Weed

A speciality of Oshima, devil weed is a sea plant great for the health and for beauty.

Mikan Mandarin Orange

In Oshima, mandarin oranges are a speciality. There are many different types of mandarins that grown at different times of year.

Sweet Summer Jelly

A jelly made from the 100% fruit juice produced by Oshima’s summer fruits. (Summer only: April~August)

Dried Fish

Fresh fish caught in the Genkai Sea is dried. There are many different types to choose from.


Chisun Inn Munakata

Address:Munakata City, Mitsuoka 992-1
6,800 yen ~

HOTELAZ Fukuoka Munakata Brance

Address:Munakata City, Omaru 503-1
Prices From 4,500 yen
Chinese Language Available

Global Arena

Address:Munakata City, Yoshidome 46-1
Prices From 3,150 yen/English Available/JR Akama Station

Lodging in Oshima (Minshuku and Inns)

To learn more about lodging in Oshima, please visit the Oshima Tourist Shop and Information Centre

Nearby Attractions

Road Station Munakata

A popular restaurant and tourist information centre that sells fresh seafood and mountain vegetables.
[Address] Munakata City, Eguchi 1172
[Business Hours] Direct Sales 9:00~17:00
* Summer (June to September) 8:30
Restaurant 11:00~15:30 (Order Stop)
[Closures] Every month on the 4th Monday, 15th August until the 17th of August and new year.
[Inquiry] 0940-62-2715

Munakata, Omaru/Natural Onsen Baths Yamatsubasa

Fukuoka’s best day-trip onsen hot springs. These hot springs are good for making the skin smooth.
[Address] Munakata City, Omaru 474
[Opening Times] 10:00 to 23:00
[Closures] Every 3rd Wednesday
[Inquiry] 0940-37-4126

Munakata Taisha Shrine

The Munakata Taisha Shrine is made up of three separate shrines and is the head shrine out of the other 6,400 Munakata shrines found in Japan.
[Address] Manakata City, Tajima 2331
[Inquiry] 0940-62-1311

Chinkokuji Temple

A temple known for its many flowers.
[Address] Munakata City, Yoshida 966
[Inquiry] 0940-62-0111

Umi no Michi Munakata-kan

A place where you can learn about the history of Munakata.
[Address] Munakata City, Fukuda 588
[Closures] Mondays
[Inquiry] 0940-62-2600