What is OLLE?

What is OLLE?

“OLLE” started from Jeju Island, Korea and its original meaning is “the small alley leading to house from the street” as the dialect of Jeju. Jeju is the island of rich in nature and the trekkers visit to Jeju is keep increasing so far.
Therefore, “OLLE” is becoming a famous trekking course and is considered a representative trekking course among Korean trekkers.
OLLE\s point of attraction is the rich nature, coast and mountains that stimulate all five senses and make you feel ease and pleasure while managing your own pace of walking.
""Kyushu OLLE” is kind of the sister version of Jeju OLLE. Kyushu also has beautiful views in all four season same as Jeju; we want you to feel the mountains suitable for sensuous trekking and rediscover the charm of Kyushu.With this hope, we provide Kyushu OLLE courses.

How to walk in OLLE

The feature of Kyushu OLLE is the landmark you can find on the road including Blue and Red tied ribbons, Wooden Arrows, Painted Arrows, and Kanse, inspired from Jeju’s horse head. Let’s walk along with the landmarks.

  • Ribbon


    Blue and Red tied ribbons is the landmark of the course.

  • Kanse


    Head of horse pointing the trekking direction.

  • Painted Arrow on stone

    Painted Arrow on stone

  • Wooden arrow

    Wooden arrow

    Blue arrow refers to forward direction. Red arrow refers to backward direction.

Manners of OLLE

  1. Do not enter a private property without permission.
  2. Please ask permission or intention before you take a photo of unspecified persons or personal things.
  3. Please clean up the rubbish by yourself.
  4. Do not gather any crops on the street without permission.
  5. Do not pick flowers or twigs on the street.
  6. Do not cause noise damage around private houses.
  7. For next visitors, do not untie or remove the ribbon.
  8. Do not touch guideboards.
  9. Please pass the fixed route shown on unpaved road. Please pass the blocked route on unpaved road.
  10. Enjoy the landscape with walking.
  11. While walking along the driveway, please look out for cars.
  12. Please mind the risky behavior off the course like steep areas.
  13. Warmly welcome and show your greetings by smiling to other visitors or inhabitants you meet on the road.